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This is The Education!

It ain't school, ain't a university or such thing in that nature, you'll find this different in a way you'll love it because we're approaching the reality of life instead of the fake environment that we won't find everywhere. And one more thing, it's 100% Free! everybody deserved education and be educated.

Other Services

IT Solution (Hosting, Server, Colo, Website)

Hadoi, established in February 2017. Your trustworthy modern and advanced IT Solutions Partner. Web Hosting, Colocation Server, Server Administration, DevOps Solution, OpenData Solution, Landing Page or Company Profile Website, anything you need, just name it!

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Creative Agency

Let's popularise your brand and business! Let the world knows it. Variety of services that'll introduce your brand as it's recognised elegantly based on your slogan. Through audio, video, picture, and text contents. Then disseminated via Google Ads, social media ads & influencers.

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